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Secrets of the Webcomic Universe #1

Secrets of the Webcomic Universe #1 published on No Comments on Secrets of the Webcomic Universe #1

I thought it might be neat to do a blog series regarding what goes on behind the scenes of a webcomic like ours.

First off, let’s talk a little about the origins of Super Skooled. Taylor and I both had our own projects that we wanted to prioritize, but for years we had not made much progress on them. After going to a comic con and seeing what other creative people were accomplishing, I finally approached Taylor about restarting Super Skooled, which we had toyed around with in the past. You can see evidence of our early efforts at the beginning of the strip.

The things that really made the difference this time were determination and accountability. Part of making any creative project is just rolling up your sleeves and pulling a Shia Labeouf. There is simply no substitute or workaround for hard work. Between the two of us, Taylor and I have put in countless hours simply sitting down in front of our computers, working on comics. If you want to make a comic of any kind, you must also have an insatiable appetite to create, a desire that overrides all of the myriad temptations that will be thrown at you.

But I would say that while determination is important, accountability is just as or even more critical. Taylor and I scheduled regular meetings where we would work on the strip. We continue these meetings to this day. While the best meetings are in-person, we make sure to touch base even when that’s not possible, even if it is over the phone. These regular meetings have kept us on pace when it comes to the release of the strip.

No matter how you look at it, without these two factors, Super Skooled would not exist.

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