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2-Compound Principal

02-Compound Principal

02-Compound Principal published on No Comments on 02-Compound Principal

Enter Captain Stupendous

It turns out that being a klutz is not something one simply outgrows in puberty. Being a superhero can certainly be expensive.


(Illustrators Note:)

For the Captain’s costume, I took some inspiration from Mr. Incredible. Maybe I should have gone with someone less destructive.



2-Compound Principal

01-First Day

01-First Day

01-First Day published on No Comments on 01-First Day

Welcome to Superskooled!

We hope you enjoy this webcomic at least as much as it hurt to create it! In our first strip, Brad finds that super-strength can lead to one’s use of homeowner’s insurance.

(Illustrator’s Note)

If your eyes are in fact literally burning right now, I apologize for the rotten artwork.
We started this comic about 5 years ago and uh… I promise I’ve improved… really.



01-First Day


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