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Rob Liefeld

04-The ’90s Strike Back

04-The ’90s Strike Back published on No Comments on 04-The ’90s Strike Back

Looking Good really is one of the most important choices a super-hero can make.

Ok, this one might take a little explaining. Rob Liefeld is a famous/infamous comic book pioneer from the 1990s. He is known for the following:
1) uber-violent characters who grit their teeth like they are constipated,
2) Pouches,
3) outrageous, inaccurate and extremely exaggerated anatomical choices,
4) big guns (in both senses),
5) the inability to draw feet.

(Illustrator’s Note)
You know you wouldn’t think it but it’s hard work to draw like Liefeld. That and your mind starts to burn as you do it.

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Rob Liefeld
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2-Compound Principal

02-Compound Principal

02-Compound Principal published on No Comments on 02-Compound Principal

Enter Captain Stupendous

It turns out that being a klutz is not something one simply outgrows in puberty. Being a superhero can certainly be expensive.


(Illustrators Note:)

For the Captain’s costume, I took some inspiration from Mr. Incredible. Maybe I should have gone with someone less destructive.



2-Compound Principal

01-First Day

01-First Day

01-First Day published on No Comments on 01-First Day

Welcome to Superskooled!

We hope you enjoy this webcomic at least as much as it hurt to create it! In our first strip, Brad finds that super-strength can lead to one’s use of homeowner’s insurance.

(Illustrator’s Note)

If your eyes are in fact literally burning right now, I apologize for the rotten artwork.
We started this comic about 5 years ago and uh… I promise I’ve improved… really.



01-First Day


Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here published on 3 Comments on Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here

Welcome to Superskooled, the webcomic where superheroes get educated. This strip shows the rivalry between a superhero and supervillain school. We hope that you grow to love it as much as we do. See you in class!

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