Superhero madness meets the madness of high-school. What could possibly go wrong?

169-Dork Matter

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(Author’s Note): Time to formally start our next chapter. It’s crazy how time flies when you’re having fun. It feels like it’s been an eternity… (Illustrator’s Note): After 2 and a half chapters we return to the front steps of “DARQUE HEARTS ACADEMY.”

170-Stupor Soaker

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(Author’s Note): This strip is all wet. In all seriousness, one thing about Emily Evil’s design that’s pretty neat is how her powers are linked to her speech balloons. It’s a pretty inventive idea that Taylor came up with.

171-Hand Over Fistfight

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(Author’s Note): If the women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy. Also, yes, we know that “angried” is a made-up word, but it rhymes with “emptied.” Rhyming is more important than following spelling rules. Why? Because I said so. (Illustrator’s Note): Been missing getting to draw Emily’s powers in action.

172-Do You Have a Hall Fight Pass?

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(Author’s Note): The first rule of Hall-Fight Club is… One thing I really admire about Taylor’s work is how he’s managed to create a unique look for each different school. Hero High is shiny and new, while Darque Hearts is bleak, old, and sophisticated. It’s a nice touch. (Illustrator’s Note): We actually wanted to make… Continue reading 172-Do You Have a Hall Fight Pass?


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(Author’s Note): Did anyone catch the reference we made in this strip? I’m referring to our first post, of course. (Illustrator’s Note): I would have created a nice specialized logo for “Principal X” like I usually do but we blew our budget on the principal’s office entrance.

174-The Man From Uncle

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(Author’s Note): So guess who we modeled our super evil principal after? Ms. Bellum from the Powerpuff Girls, of course. And maybe Slenderman. (Illustrator’s Note): Pay no attention to that man behind the shadows.

Happy Birthday Taylor 2018

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My lack of motivation around this time of year seems to have worked out for the dear Doctor. Referring to this strip


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(Author’s Note): For someone like Emily Evil, there is no difference between detention and recess. (Illustrator’s Note): Logan asked me to draw detention as a “Purgatory” like place but I think I ended up with a result a little farther south of that.