16-Touring Test

16-Touring Test

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I wonder if there is also a closet for those who want to rage at how superhero comics are written these days.

17-That Hive of villany

18-Hive of Villainy

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Sigh, Super Villains… I bet those cookies were made with DARK chocolate.

31-Corner Pocket

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(Author’s Note:) You never know what’s coming around the corner. Sometimes it’s a life changing event, and sometimes it’s a teenage supervillain being chased by the incarnation of evil. (Illustrator’s Note:) …and I wanna thank my author for encouraging me to draw more detailed backgrounds…and my Wacom cintiq 12 WX for making it possible… *holds… Continue reading 31-Corner Pocket

32-Meeting of the Minds

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(Author’s Note:) Imagine what would happen if they put their heads together. I bet they would make a real powerful…concussion. (Illustrator’s Note:) Whenever you see a neon green glow coming from something, you know it’s gotta be bad.

33-Origin Story

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(Author’s Note:) If you don’t like this version, don’t sweat it. We’ll just reboot it in a few years. (Illustrator’s Note)  SURPRISE! Yesterday (September 5th) was “National Be Late For Something Day” so we’re putting this strip up a day late.   Hope that doesn’t hurt our readership.

34-An Intellectual Exchange

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(Author’s Note:) When words fail, fists prevail.

35-Fully Operational Battle Station

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(Author’s Note:)  Is your neighbor hiding an evil lair? We’ll tell you how to find out at 11. (Illustrator’s Note:) Bonus points to anyone who noticed that Brad’s beanbag chair resembles the TV watching chair from Peanuts

36-Dupe Procedure

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(Author’sNote): …And you get a prison sentence, and you get a prison sentence. Everyone goes to prison! (Illustrator’s Note): Enter “Axe Cop”…I mean Officer Magnum.