28-A Muted Conclusion

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(Author’s Note:)  But at least he saved 15% on car insurance by switching carriers. (Illustrator’s Note:) My only regret is having used “Hobo” font in this comic.



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(Author’s Note:) The insurance premiums in this town must be “SKY HIGH“… oh shoot, we’re not gonna get sued again, are we?


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(Author’s Note:) The department of redundancy called, they said keep up the good work. The department of redundancy called, they said keep up the good work. On another note, this strip marks the beginning of the new art and writing. Basically, Super Skooled has been a work in progress for some time. Taylor and I… Continue reading 30-Foreshadowing

31-Corner Pocket

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(Author’s Note:) You never know what’s coming around the corner. Sometimes it’s a life changing event, and sometimes it’s a teenage supervillain being chased by the incarnation of evil. (Illustrator’s Note:) …and I wanna thank my author for encouraging me to draw more detailed backgrounds…and my Wacom cintiq 12 WX for making it possible… *holds… Continue reading 31-Corner Pocket

32-Meeting of the Minds

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(Author’s Note:) Imagine what would happen if they put their heads together. I bet they would make a real powerful…concussion. (Illustrator’s Note:) Whenever you see a neon green glow coming from something, you know it’s gotta be bad.

33-Origin Story

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(Author’s Note:) If you don’t like this version, don’t sweat it. We’ll just reboot it in a few years. (Illustrator’s Note)  SURPRISE! Yesterday (September 5th) was “National Be Late For Something Day” so we’re putting this strip up a day late.   Hope that doesn’t hurt our readership.

34-An Intellectual Exchange

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(Author’s Note:) When words fail, fists prevail.

35-Fully Operational Battle Station

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(Author’s Note:)  Is your neighbor hiding an evil lair? We’ll tell you how to find out at 11. (Illustrator’s Note:) Bonus points to anyone who noticed that Brad’s beanbag chair resembles the TV watching chair from Peanuts

36-Dupe Procedure

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(Author’sNote): …And you get a prison sentence, and you get a prison sentence. Everyone goes to prison! (Illustrator’s Note): Enter “Axe Cop”…I mean Officer Magnum.

37-Justice Leak

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(Author’sNote): The only thing that trumps Darque Heart’s legal representation is their dental plan. (Illustrator’s Note): i-Core Phones now available at the Apple Store.