17-That Hive of villany

18-Hive of Villainy

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Sigh,¬†Super Villains… I bet those cookies were made with DARK chocolate.


22-The Bad Old Days

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Granny remembers when the world was in sepia tone. (Illustrator’s Note) So Granny speaks in old serif font and Emily speaks in all green. I wonder why Captain stupendous doesn’t speak in Comic Sans.

Steve Jobs

23-This Joke is Not Dated

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So this strip shows its age. A lot. When we wrote it, Steve Jobs was alive and an evil genius. Now he is only one of those things.

Ray Gun

24-Due Diligence

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But does it blend? (Illustrator’s Note:) Draco would have included the setting: “Retcon Existance” but I ran out of marker…

28-A Muted Conclusion

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(Author’s Note:)¬† But at least he saved 15% on car insurance by switching carriers. (Illustrator’s Note:) My only regret is having used “Hobo” font in this comic.

52-Self Awareness

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(Author’sNote): Life is so hard for superheroes. They really lead a pitiful existence, what with their abilities beyond mortal ken and all.


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(Author’s Note): If I’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that threatening people is the best way to get them to join your cause. (Illustrator’s Note): You’ll notice that Tom’s anger flame grows from panel to panel… then there’s that last panel.

134-Draining The Swamp

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(Author’s Note): You’ll never guess what happened when Daisy suggested that the class take a trip to Burning Man. (Illustrator’s Note): So I just realized that Daisy Chain (who just happens to have been introduced in this chapter) has a shirt with a color pattern that kind of resembles Earth. I swear I didn’t plan… Continue reading 134-Draining The Swamp