150-They Resisted

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(Author’s Note): No one can resist discounted coffee. I’ve been looking forward to this strip ever since the idea popped into my head. Taylor really delivered on the feel. The green tint of Draco’s command center has a perfect military situation-room feel. (Illustrator’s Note): This was one of the more fun strips to create.

151-Front Doork

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(Author’s Note): Did you notice that Brad went to Starbutts? Taylor is pretty good at sneaking in subtle things like that into the strip. If you go back and read this story line again, you’d be surprised at the little things that might stand out. (Illustrator’s Note): Logan said in the last strip that he’d… Continue reading 151-Front Doork

152-Truth Fairy

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(Author’s Note): For some reason, Liz is becoming one of my favorite characters in this comic. Now, if we could only find her a soul… (Illustrator’s Note): I never do “motion-to-motion onion-skinning” in my comics. I usually find them confusing. But for this one I just needed Brad to have two expressions.

153-Road Keel

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(Author’s Note): Honk if you love Looney Toons slapstick. (Illustrator’s Note): I took insperation for Draco’s “Screen Bot” from the “Shadow the Hedgehog” game.


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(Author’s Note): Well, she gave peace a chance. A very, very brief chance. (Illustrator’s Note): ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. WHAT!?, oh… here’s your comic.

155-O Captain! My Captain!

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(Author’s Note): It takes real adults to really act like children.

156-Head Cannon

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(Author’s Note): Ever wonder what Alfred would be like if he worked for a villain and was also a robot? Wonder no longer! (Illustrator’s Note): Hubris Bot looks snazzy

157-Chic Magnet

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(Author’s Note): Well, they say that opposites attract… (Illustrator’s Note): Sometimes you just get a 4-panel script handed to you that deserves to be a 5 panel.

159-What a Tosser

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(Author’s Note): Hope you enjoy this strip we just threw together. (Illustrator’s Note): I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of drawing Brad from the back.