69-Happy Landings

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(Author’s Note): The average lifespan of a car in a superhero comic must be hilariously low.

72-The Zoning Board’s Revenge

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(Author’s Note): Apparently, the mayor thought it would be a good idea. (Illustrator’s Note): So I decided that “Hero High” should have a sleek kind of hipster/avant-garde super heroic look while “Darque Hearts” would be the old Gothic Ivy League school.

104-The Power Is Yours

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(Author’s Note): Yes, I know a Planetarium is used to study the stars and therefore has nothing to do with eco-powers. Sue me. (Illustrator’s Note): I listened to the “Captain Planet” theme song for an hour while designing Captain Planetarium. I am an artist who will bleed for my work.

105-Go With The Flow

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(Author’s Note): Water way to go… (Illustrator’s Note): The only person in the universe who can make Captain Stupendous look competent.

106-At Least It’s Not Decaf

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(Author’s Note): What I love about writing this comic is that we are able to create a strip where we pass the idiot ball around. As fun as it is to lampoon dear Captain Stupendous, it’s nice that he’s not always the punchline.