153-Road Keel

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(Author’s Note): Honk if you love Looney Toons slapstick. (Illustrator’s Note): I took insperation for Draco’s “Screen Bot” from the “Shadow the Hedgehog” game.


154-Paci-FIST published on No Comments on 154-Paci-FIST

(Author’s Note): Well, she gave peace a chance. A very, very brief chance. (Illustrator’s Note): ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. WHAT!?, oh… here’s your comic.

156-Head Cannon

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(Author’s Note): Ever wonder what Alfred would be like if he worked for a villain and was also a robot? Wonder no longer! (Illustrator’s Note): Hubris Bot looks snazzy

157-Chic Magnet

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(Author’s Note): Well, they say that opposites attract… (Illustrator’s Note): Sometimes you just get a 4-panel script handed to you that deserves to be a 5 panel.

158-Battle of the Century

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(Author’s Note): And so two titans begin an epic showdown. There was only one way that this could end… (Illustrator’s Note): I feel like Gunterman should be the one running “Superhero Trivia.

159-What a Tosser

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(Author’s Note): Hope you enjoy this strip we just threw together. (Illustrator’s Note): I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of drawing Brad from the back.


160-Anvi-Lizcious published on 1 Comment on 160-Anvi-Lizcious

(Author’s Note): This strip certainly has a certain weight to it… On another note, this strip is fairly unique because of its unique perspective. Often, daily strips will commit to a particular camera angle and rarely deviate from it. Because I’m a bad person, I’m often scripting Taylor to do extra work enlivening up scenes… Continue reading 160-Anvi-Lizcious