01-First Day

01-First Day

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Welcome to Superskooled! We hope you enjoy this webcomic at least as much as it hurt to create it! In our first strip, Brad finds that super-strength can lead to one’s use of homeowner’s insurance. (Illustrator’s Note) If your eyes are in fact literally burning right now, I apologize for the rotten artwork. We started… Continue reading 01-First Day

2-Compound Principal

02-Compound Principal

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Enter Captain Stupendous It turns out that being a klutz is not something one simply outgrows in puberty. Being a superhero can certainly be expensive.   (Illustrators Note:) For the Captain’s costume, I took some inspiration from Mr. Incredible. Maybe I should have gone with someone less destructive.    

Rob Liefeld

04-The ’90s Strike Back

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Looking Good really is one of the most important choices a super-hero can make. Ok, this one might take a little explaining. Rob Liefeld is a famous/infamous comic book pioneer from the 1990s. He is known for the following: 1) uber-violent characters who grit their teeth like they are constipated, 2) Pouches, 3) outrageous, inaccurate… Continue reading 04-The ’90s Strike Back

05-A Proper Education

06-A Proper Education

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In which Brad is given the tools of a modern enlightened intellectual.

07-Kewl Runnings

07-Kewl Runnings

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Remember that kid in high school that was so cool he made ice look warm? Me neither. I was home-schooled.

08-Slippery Slope

08-Slippery Slope

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 I wonder if superheroes get discounts for repeat ER visits? Is there a membership card or something? (Illustrator’s Note) It’s funny how the best looking part of a comic can often be the graphic design; in this case the Onomatopoeia.

10-Comic Book Man

10-Comic Book Man

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 The greatest horror a superhero can face is someone who actually pays attention to comics. (Illustrator’s Note) This is where the artwork finally started to look good… or at least presentable.