12-Stat Card


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 I wonder what will happen when the kid with laser eyes demonstrates his power? Maybe they should construct superhero classrooms out of adamantium or something.

16-Touring Test

16-Touring Test

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I wonder if there is also a closet for those who want to rage at how superhero comics are written these days.

16-Untold Wealth

17-Fund Razing

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Why would any rich tycoon invest in a school? You’re just funding the kids who will eventually be picketing you.

17-That Hive of villany

18-Hive of Villainy

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Sigh,┬áSuper Villains… I bet those cookies were made with DARK chocolate.

19 Narration


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Enter Dr. Draco After over a month the mystery character finally shows up. Hope he hasn’t fallen “short” of your expectations… Stop narrating? I wonder if the artist for this strip is trying to send┬áthe writer some sort of subtle message. Or not so subtle as the case may be. (Illustrator’s Note:) Yes the message… Continue reading 19-Narration