45-Here We Go Again

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(Author’sNote): I’ve got a Brad feeling about this… (Illustrator’s Note): Alright, I’m starting to get irritated here. The bad puns were supposed to be MY┬ásuper power…

Excelent Point

47-Excellent Point

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(Author’sNote): I think the point here is well made. (Illustrator’s Note): That’s a very good POINT… (Developers’s Note): Thank you for POINTing that out…

48-Attack Form

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(Author’sNote): You should see the paperwork involved for an extraterrestrial invasion. The waiting list is impossibly long.

49-The Students are Revolting

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(Author’sNote): Yes, the students are revolting. I can barely stand to look at them myself. (Illustrator’s Note): I tried to design Gunterman’s Office to look like the inside of a comic-book store, and also slightly tech-ish as a superhero school might be. Of course now it may end up looking a little more like the… Continue reading 49-The Students are Revolting

50-Abusive Relationships

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(Author’sNote): If there is one thing that can bring everyone together in school, it’s making fun of those poor, unfortunate souls who spend their lives complaining about plot idiosyncrasies in comic books HOW DARE YOU KILL IRON MAN…AGAIN! Ahem. Of course, I am above such things.


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(Author’sNote): Nine out of ten doctors recommend doing your homework on time. The other one doctor is a hack. Illustrator’sNote:) What about the: “11th Doctor?”

52-Self Awareness

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(Author’sNote): Life is so hard for superheroes. They really lead a pitiful existence, what with their abilities beyond mortal ken and all.

53-Size Matters Not

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(Author’sNote): Protip: Making smarmy comments in the second panel of a gag comic sets you up for a comeuppance in panel four. Illustrator’sNote:) For a Bonus Comic CLICK HERE: