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(Author’s Note:)

The department of redundancy called, they said keep up the good work. The department of redundancy called, they said keep up the good work.

On another note, this strip marks the beginning of the new art and writing. Basically, Super Skooled has been a work in progress for some time. Taylor and I started a few years ago when we were much younger and badder at art and writing and stuff. Now we are much gooder at both. When we restarted this project, we talked about ditching the earlier stuff and starting fresh, but that would have been a massive undertaking that would have wasted a great deal of work. Instead, we took the plunge and put everything up for you to see. Hopefully, you can see how things have improved.

Trust me, it gets better (sorta).


(Illustrator’s Note:)


OK, Just kidding
One of the things I stopped doing was trying to use bits and pieces of pre-created imagery to assemble the characters in illustrator before pasting them in Photoshop, which was really a terrible idea from the beginning. I should never have started in the first place. It saved no time and just made the characters look clunky and amateur.
It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you actually pick up a pencil and draw something. 🙂

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