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Happy Chocolate Milk Day!

Happy Chocolate Milk Day! published on No Comments on Happy Chocolate Milk Day!

It’s National Chocolate Milk Day.

Remember when you were a kid and you did silly kid things like… I don’t know; “Reading Comics?”
Today lets take the time to do a little less growing up and a little more enjoying of life.
Eat some chocolate, drink some milk, blow some bubbles.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milkshake, Chocolate Iced Cappuccino, or a Chocolate Protein Shake. If it’s got chocolate and liquid dairy somewhere in it it counts.
(What about Soy? Does that count? If it’s soy chocolate milk does that…) Aw sure what the heck!

Prepare your bendy and loopy straws and get out there to enjoy some delicious chocolate nostalgia. It’s your patriotic duty! I think… maybe… not really.

But it sure tastes good!

National Chocolate Milk Day

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